OFB024: An introduction to live streaming and how to master your next broadcast!


In this episode of the podcast, we are jumping into the relatively new and for some people terrifying world of live streaming!

Live Streaming adds a whole new dimension to social media and video based content and it’s really starting to gain people’s attention!

One of the first live streaming apps to launch on mobile phones was Meerkat in March 2015. A week later, Twitter launched Periscope and the rest is history!

Now in early 2016 there are many different live streaming platforms available including, Blab, Meevee and Facebook Live. Each have their own different look and feel, as well as some platforms designed for different methods and ways of streaming / engaging.

One thing is for sure, video content is king and live streaming is here to stay. Let’s break down the different platforms and get you conformable with the idea of doing some live streaming of your own!

It’s time to jump straight into the show!

Live streaming apps featured in this episode:

1. Meerkat (No longer available) 

2. Periscope

3. Blab

4. Facebook Live

5. Meevee

To get the mobile apps, just head to the iTunes app store or Google Play for android!


#AskAG Facebook Live show Wednesday nights 8:30pm AEST

10 Easy Steps To Master Live Streaming – PDF

Katch – record and store your Periscopes and Meerkat streams so they live on!

Tips for Facebook Live – how to get the most out of your live stream!

Check out an old Periscope I did which I stored with Katch!

Check out this episode of #AskAG Live – A weekly podcast review and Q&A session which I live stream via Facebook Live!
– Wednesday’s 8:30pm AEST via www.facebook.com/anthonygmurphy1


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