6 Digital Marketers Regional Business Owners Need To Follow In 2017


Business and digital marketing have always been a part of my life.

I started working in the family business as a young teenager.

As soon as I was old enough to drive, I branched out out with my best mate to run our own tennis coaching business.

During that time, digital marketing was of high interest because of how it could be used as a tool to grow a business.

I have spent many years watching, reading, listening, researching and studying marketing and social media in all its digital glory.

Over the last 3 years, I completed business degrees and passed marketing units.


I have learnt more from the digital marketers listed below, over than any other source.

My own digital marketing business started off the back of content, advice and friendships I have with the people listed below.

If you are a business owner or entrepreneur wanting to learn about digital marketing best practice, do yourself a favour and get to know these amazing people!


Paul Ramondo


digital marketer

Paul is one awesome dude.

He also has an incredible story behind him.

As the CEO of RamondoMedia Pty Ltd, his very own digital marketing business based in Perth, Paul has worked with brands like Red Bull, Porsche and Boral.

Why you need to follow Paul…

An expert when it comes to digital marketing funnels and Facebook Advertising, Paul is an easy going dude coupled with a work ethic that is second to none!

With over a decade spent in marketing, Paul has unlocked ridiculous amounts of success for his clients with his digital marketing funnels and targeted advertising strategies.

If you want to learn from Paul’s success, sign up for his FUNNELS 101 2.0 course that is guaranteed to change the way you look at digital marketing forever!

Click here to follow Paul on Facebook.


Jessica Humphreys


digital marketer

Jessica is the founder of Social Concepts Consulting.

She has built her business to help others create a meaningful social media presence.

Why you need to follow Jessica…

Social Concepts is based in Narre Warren, a suburb of Melbourne and specialises in digital communications, public relations and education.

The vibrant agency has been helping clients develop a more meaningful digital and social media presence since 2013.

Jessica has a passion for everything she does and provides great insights into how local businesses can leverage social media to their advantage.

Click here to follow Social Concepts Consulting on Facebook.


Chris ‘Kubby’ Kubbernus


digital marketer

Chris Kubbernus is a Canadian born digital marketer who has built his own digital marketing agency, Kubb & Co, in Copenhagen.

His focus is on providing the highest level service for businesses in executing on their digital strategies.

Why you need to follow Kubby…

Kubby is a straight up guy.

He says it like it is and doesn’t believe in making things fluffy or beating around the bush.

The facts are the facts!

Kubby has provided me with a large amount of motivation in the way he goes ‘a-boat’ (Canadian for about) building his business but also his dedication to his clients.

He is working around the clock to provide service that is second to none and is always dropping marketing knowledge bombs wherever you catch him.

Click here to follow Kubby on Facebook.


Carlos Gil


digital marketer

Carlos Gil has 8+ years of professional experience in B2B and B2C social media marketing as a Start-up Founder, Brand Marketing Executive, and Public Speaker.

Why you need to follow Carlos…

Carlos has many accomplishments, including the role of Senior Social Marketing Manager for LinkedIn.

His proven track record includes leading consumer-facing digital and social media programs as Social Media Manager for several large American businesses.

He was named by Fast Company amongst the “Top 50 Most Influential People Online” of 2010.

Now he is a prolific keynote speaker at marketing events around the globe.

Carlos spends his time between his beloved family and his beloved social media, providing immense amounts of value along the way.


Click here to follow Carlos on Facebook.


Zoe Hollingsworth


digital marketer

Zoe is the founder of Zebrafish Digital Media based in Geelong, servicing the Surf Coast area of Victoria.

Why you need to follow Zoe…

The tagline of Zoe’s business is ‘Be different, Be seen’.

She helps local businesses do this with video production and video marketing that helps attract the attention of target audiences.

Zoe has a great understanding of the power video has within today’s world and how to leverage that power to grow businesses of all types and sizes.

If you are looking for help in creating video content for your business or brand, Zoe is someone you need to talk too.

Click here to follow Zoe on Facebook.


Gary Vaynerchuck


digital marketer

Gary Vee. Enough said.

Why you need to follow Gary…

Having immigrated to America as a young boy along with his parents, Gary could be forgiven for having a tough start to life.

However, that, along with hard working parents, only made him stronger.

Gary is now one of the most well known and influential marketers in the world.

He built his father’s wine store business from $3 million to $65 million revenue before moving on to establish his own digital marketing agency, VaynerMedia.

As of 2017, he runs several multimillion dollar companies, employs over 750 people and works with the biggest brands in the world.

Gary walks the walk when it comes to social media and marketing in today’s world.

He has more than 1 million followers each on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and will change the way you look at marketing forever.

Click here to follow Gary on Facebook.


Digital marketers making a real difference

So there you have it!

Six very different digital marketers who have the skills, knowledge and information to transform your business.

I would love to know who your marketing ‘mentors’ are in the comments below!

If you have any questions on digital or social media marketing or would like to learn more about any of the six amazing people listed above then please let me know!


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