How small business owners can find time for social media


To find time for social media is a big ask!

I get it.

You are a busy business owner that is always wishing there were more hours in day.

You are the CEO, chief EVERYTHING officer, and as such, you don’t have the time to even think about leveraging social media.

I understand! I’ve been there.

In this blog, I have listed several ways that business owners can find time for social media.

Make it a priority 

Let’s make a mental shift and consider social media a priority within your business.

As it should be! 😉

After all, it is 2017 and social media is not only the beating heart of the internet but it’s where your customers spend 53% of their time when online.

If your business is not there, they will find your competitors instead!


find time for social media


Document…don’t create

Now let’s discuss how you can find time for social media in and around your work day.  

Keep in mind that we are talking about documenting your day, your business journey and or your life.

It’s not about brainstorming the best types of content you can create and then having to find time to write blog posts, record video and photoshop images for Instagram etc.

Just document, don’t create.  

This will allow you to find time for social media, as you can do it ‘on the go’. It will also be more authentic than things you create based on what you think your audience wants to engage with.

People want to know your story and the story of your business.

Give them ‘behind the scenes’ access!

One of the greatest things about social media is that it allows you to be a media broadcaster!

You are able to showcase your story to your local community, the country and even the world, right from the palm of your hand.


Leverage the platform’s functions

There are many ways in which you can quickly document small snippets of content for your business or brand that will not eat into your day.

The platforms themselves make it quick and easy to post!

Take Instagram and Snapchat stories for example.

Both platforms have a ‘stories’ feature which allows you to record short clips of video that posts automatically to your profile for others to see.

The beauty of this is that you can do it seemlessly at any time!

While you are heading to the gym, while you are arriving at work, heading down the street for lunch, the options are endless and yours to choose.

If you can walk, talk and have one hand free then you can be documenting your story for your customers or clients to engage with in their own time.

Posting 5-20 stories or snaps on a consistent basis (daily is good) is all you need to begin increasing your brand through storytelling.  

With both these platforms each have over 150 million daily story views

Who wouldn’t want that kind of exposure!

Snapchat for Small Business is another blog I wrote about how you can use the platform in your business.

Best practice when it comes to social media for your business is to try posting or documenting on a daily basis but don’t feel like you have to go overboard.

Quality is better than quantity.

Be authentic and try to provide some sort of value in what you post.

Test and repeat!


find time for social media


Automation (Limited Usage) 

There are many social media automation services that will post content for you at scheduled times of your choice.

Hootesuite, Sprout Social and MeetEdgar are some of the best available.

The trap is that they can be overused and this has the potential to damage your brand.

Consumers in 2017 are very savy when it comes to whether there is a real life person posting the content or whether it’s been automated.

Social media is about communication. People want to communicate with other people, not software!

I do suggest using automation software, such as MeetEdgar, to repost your evergreen content like blog posts and pre-recorded videos.

Get help thats tailored to your business

Of course you might still feel like all this is a big task or you just don’t want to be the person doing the daily ground work.

Take the pressure off and hire someone to assist in the management of your social media content.  

AM Digital Consulting can help!

We servicing regional business owners that want to lift their business and brand via social and not have it consume their precious time.

Strategy, planning, content creation, scheduling, automation and community management are all areas that AMDC provide services for to put even more time back in your pocket!


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