How Foundr brought their book to life with a Kickstarter campaign

Starting a business? Thinking about it? Startup veteran? Or are you just looking to improve your company?

Right now we’re living in the golden age of entrepreneurship where the rules of the game have changed — there has never been a better time in history to start or be building a business.

But with so much noise on what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur and build a successful business, it’s so hard to know who to follow and what to trust.

These are some of the first lines you see when checking out Foundr’s Kickstarter campaign. The campaign is raising funds for their epic coffee table book, ‘The Entrepreneur’s Bible’.

The other thing that you will notice is a HUGE figure to the right hand side of the page with the total amount raised so far.

Just a mere $106,465 with 9 days to go at the time this is being written.  


foundr kickstarter campaign


So what is this book that Foundr have created?

With nearly 1000 backers and 6 figures in pledges, it must be pretty good, but for those who don’t know, lets touch on Foundr’s backstory.


Foundr’s Story

Foundr themselves are very well known in the entrepreneurial space.

CEO and Founder Nathan Chan, quit his job back in 2012 because he was sick of it. He wanted more, he wanted to do something he was passionate about.

(I interviewed Nathan a little while ago on my podcast. Catch the whole story right here >> Open for Business: Episode 007 )

However, Nathan discovered that there was very little information out there for people looking to follow a path of entrepreneurship. Any information he could find was scattered and not entirely helpful.

That’s how Foundr the company was born.

Nathan ‘scratched his own itch’, created a digital magazine and build a business to help other aspiring entrepreneurs along their journey.

He did this by providing them with loads of amazing content and information including interviews with the world most successful entrepreneurs such as Sir Richard Branson, Gary Vaynerchuk and Arianna Huffington.

His mission is to be the resource that entrepreneurs go to be build and grow a successful business.     

The Book

Fast forward to 2016 and we find this book and this very well executed Kickstarter campaign.

Foundr’s reason for bringing this book into existence is because, “we’re currently living in the age of entrepreneurship.”   

Described as ‘The Entrepreneur’s Bible’ this book is the first hard copy book the Melbourne, Australia based team have put together.


foundr kickstarter campaign


This is a beautifully designed book that gives you access to the top lessons, tips, and advice from the world’s greatest entrepreneurs.

If you are an entrepreneur, business owner or you want to take the leap, there are many reasons why this book would be an asset to you!

Here are some the top reasons you should pledge today or order a copy if you are reading this post campaign!

  1. Foundr Book is packed full of actionable tips!
  2. Strategies and advice from the world’s entrepreneurial experts!
  3. In depth case studies telling you how it’s been done before!
  4. It is a beautifully designed book that is perfect for your coffee table!

It’s pretty simple. This book is value packed and could change the way you approach business forever.

The KickstarterCampaign

There is a lot of effort that goes into creating a successful Kickstarter campaign.

First and foremost you need to have a great product.

Then you need to design your campaign in a way that will be attractive to potential pledges. What’s in it for them?

Creating generous rewards that provide your backers with lots of value is very important in reaching your goal. Keep in mind, you only get funded if you reach your goal amount!

Then you need distribution to expose your campaign to your target audience.

With close to 1 million folllowers on Instagram, a very large email list and a well established brand, Foundr was off to a good start. 

Nathan and his team hosted an epic Kickstarter party on the evening the campaign went live. They had a huge turnout for the event which even included guest speaker, Darren Rowse.

Just 3 days later, Foundr hit their funding goal of $50,000!

The Entrepreneur’s Bible is coming to life!   


foundr kickstarter campaign


The Foundr team have done a great job of continuing to build excitement around this epic campaign as it reaches its end date on 15th December 2016

If you don’t want to miss out on being a part of Foundr’s history, then head straight to their Kickstarter campaign, choose your reward and pledge before it’s too late!



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