How to make money from your social media accounts

Just before you clicked on this post or directly after, you will probably check any number of your social media accounts…

You may even get hit with a few notifications while you are reading this. Have you ever thought about how much attention your posts get? The number of followers, like and shares you get? Are you posting fairly regularly across a range of platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter? If so, you could be making money through your social media accounts! Don’t believe me? Read on…



You may have heard of a new app called TRIBE?

The Tribe Influencer App. It is the baby of Aussie media star and entrepreneur, Jules Lund. The TRIBE app allows ‘influencers’ (which they currently class as anyone with 3000+ followers) to post content from their favorite brands and also get paid for sharing that content with your followers! TRIBE is connecting you with brands that want you to share content for them in order to gain the attention of the your followers! The big bonus? You can get paid to do it!

Watch this short video where founder, Jules Lund, tells you exactly how it works!

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TRIBE is another great example of how the internet and technology is changing the world! No longer is social media just about sharing ‘What your up too’ on Facebook or taking a pic of your food to pop on ‘Insta’. It has become so much more and is ever evolving. Brands and businesses are looking at more effective ways to advertise and gain the attention of consumers and the TRIBE app is the connection between them and you, the ‘influencer’!

Head to the iTunes store to download the app and start using your influence!

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