Producers and Consumers of Social Media

Let’s look at the different types of people that use social media on a daily basis!

There are 2 types…


Producers and consumers.


Producers of social media


The first are the producers and they are the minority. Producers are the types of people that use social media for particular types of personal or business gain. They use a platform in order to share their content, gain people’s attention, provide them with value,  build their trust. Then they can leverage that connection in order to make their ‘gain’. That could be in the form of an email address, a completed survey or even a sale!


Producers spend their time ‘producing’ content for the people they are trying to reach.  


Let’s have a look at some examples of people that focus their time on producing great content! (especially on Snapchat!)


Ben Levermore – Ben is a Brit, who married his Brazilian soulmate and runs a graphic design business. He has a particular focus on producing world class Snapchat geofilters! However, he is also a master a producing highly entertaining Snapchat stories! On a daily basis, Ben documents what he is up to and shows us the ‘behind the scenes’ of running his business.


Ben’s work as a producer on Snapchat often turns into people becoming clients, myself included!  I highly suggest you add him using his snapcode below! 


levermore snapcode


Chris ‘Kubby’ Kubbernus – Kubby is a Canadian living in Denmark where he is building his digital agency, Kubb & Co. He is a expert when it comes to producing great content and developing marketing strategies for businesses of all kinds. He is also a daily Snapchatter and provides a ton of value around entrepreneurship, marketing and social media.


You can add Kubby using his snapcode below!


kubby snapcode


The Merrymaker Sisters – Emma and Carla are high energy and ‘positive vibe’ Aussie sisters living on the Gold Coast! They have built their own business through helping people live healthy, happy and stress free lives! The girls left their corporate jobs to follow their passions which led to the creation of the Merrymaker Sisters! They love Snapchat and have built a huge following from their daily stories which has had a direct impact on the success of their business!  


Add the girls for daily ‘merry making’ snaps!


merrymaker snapcode

Consumers of social media


The second type of people using social media are the consumers and they make up the majority. They are the people the producers are trying to gain the attention of!  


A consumer spends the majority of their time scrolling through the feed on their favourite platforms and ‘eating up’ the producer’s latest work. 12.5 hours per week on average for Facebook alone, according to the Sensis Social Media report for 2016.     


Consumers have the thirst for new and exciting content, updates and notifications. Anything that might provide entertainment or some form of value depending on their interests.


Can you be both a producer and a consumer?


So you might be thinking that you can be both?


And you would be half right!


There are many people that love to consume social media content and also make the occasional Facebook status update, Snapchat story or Instagram post. However, it comes down to your main intentions for using the platform and what you focus the majority of your time on.   


I have found that there is a very clear distinction which separates producers from consumers and why you fit into either one category or the other.


Producer or consumer?


A consumer’s main focus is to use social media to stay connected, up to date and communicate with friends and family. They spend the majority of their time on social consuming content.


A producer’s main focus is to use social media for a particular purpose, such as gaining attention and making sales for their business or startup. They spend the majority of their time on social posting their latest and greatest content, checking their analytics and interacting with their tribe.


My main reason for highlighting this, is to let consumers know that they too can use social media as a tool and leverage it to their advantage. If you have a reason for needing the power of social media (like marketing your small business) you can become a producer too. It’s never too late to start!


So tell me, which are you? Are you looking to start or grow your business? Do you want to leverage the power of digital and social media to your advantage?


If you have any questions please let me know in the comments below. I would love to help in any way I can!


Dream big, take a risk and go do your thing


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